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Country: Poland

Industry: HR tech and logistics

Project implementation period: 8 months

StartDrive is a specialized recruitment platform that enables transportation companies to generate and manage an international HR funnel of professional drivers, including those from distant countries. It ensures compliance with legal requirements for foreign workers and actively contributes to job growth in the Connected, Cooperative, and Automated Mobility (CCAM) sector. This platform serves as a central hub, connecting drivers with job opportunities in the logistics and transportation industry.

Logistic ERP

Country: Germany

Industry: Logistics

Project implementation period: 8 months

For a transportation company, we developed an integrated ERP system, enhancing it with a mobile application for drivers and incorporating AI to streamline business processes. This comprehensive solution automates key operations, from order and contract management to fleet oversight and financial accounting, while also providing robust support for driver documentation and scheduling. The result is a significant boost in operational efficiency, improved workflow automation, and strengthened security measures.

Detailing Standard

Country: Georgia

Industry: Automotive services

Project implementation period: 8 months

For Detailing Standart, we crafted not just an ERP system, but a groundbreaking solution that transforms their business processes. This system simplifies order management and optimizes workflows, while also enhancing customer engagement. With the implementation of our product, every service bay is now equipped with cutting-edge tools for precise scheduling and task execution, allowing the Detailing Standart team to focus on what they do best — delivering exceptional service. This solution is more than technology; it's a catalyst for growth and innovation in the automotive service industry.


Country: USA

Industry: Home goods sales

Project implementation period: 14 months

For a US-based client under NDA in the home goods sector, we developed a transformative Warehouse Management System over 14 months. This WMS automates inventory tracking and management, integrates seamlessly with existing systems, and offers real-time insights into stock levels and shipments. Features include automated labeling with barcode and RFID technology, real-time delivery updates, and efficient goods distribution within warehouses. The result? Enhanced sales, faster order processing, optimized workflows, and significant cost savings, marking a new era of efficiency in home goods logistics.


Country: Belarus

Industry: Fashion retail

Project implementation period: 4 months

For MUSTANG Jeans in Belarus, we developed a custom Warehouse Management System over 4 months, tailored to integrate seamlessly with the German office's systems while adhering to standards and requirements. This WMS features advanced integration capabilities, real-time monitoring of European warehouse shipments, inventory level visibility, user-specific permissions, and real-time delivery reporting. It also automates the creation of accompanying goods documents, ensuring compliance with EAEU standards. The result? Faster goods receipt and dispatch, streamlined goods coordination, cost optimization, and improved warehouse and logistics processes for MUSTANG Jeans.

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